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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem), once down with Detroit duo "Soul Intent", and now with the New Jersey-based "Outsidaz" crew, released his debut album, "Infinite", in 1996 and quickly became an underground sensation. In a few short months, Eminem went from being one of the most heralded emcees in independent hip-hop to one of the most provocative and controversial rappers in modern pop music. The overnight success of his debut album rocked the rap world, making him one of the biggest music success stories of 1999. But Eminem is more than the latest rap artist to blow up. He's spent the last several years paying his dues, and his lyrics, which cover topics such as poverty and single parenthood, reflect a rough childhood.He's phenomenal. The impending release of the Slim Shady LP, his first set on Aftermath/Interscope Records, already has underground hip-hop heads fiending for Eminem. Chock full of dazzling lyrical escapades that delve into the mind of a violently warped and vulgar yet extremely talented wordsmith, the 14-cut collection contains some of the most memorable and demented lyrics ever recorded. For Eminem, his potentially controversial and undoubtedly offensive songs will strike a chord with a multitude of hip-hop loyalists who believe they have little to lose and everything to gain.